Inflatable Party Games For Teenagers

Related imagePlanning a party for teenagers is a very difficult task most of the time. Teenagers are in an awkward stage of their life where they want to hang out with their friends, but they may not want their parents or adults around to hover over them and watch them. It is also very difficult to think of things for them to do that will keep them entertained beyond texting or instant messaging.You may want to check out videos for teens for more.

The perfect solution for this is inflatable party games. These forms of party games are great because they can challenge their friends in physical activities like jousting, boxing, or racing on a bungee run.

There are many different forms of inflatable games. Inflatable manufacturers make many different inflatable jousting pads, bungee runs, and obstacle courses. The favorite inflatable game of the bunch is usually jousting.

Inflatable jousting is a game where two opponents get up on inflated platforms on either side of each other and duke it out with padded sticks. This is the jousting just like what you have seen on television. The only difference is that there is not a huge gladiator jousting your kid on the other pedestal!

Related image

The bungee run is probably the second most popular inflatable game available. This game is quite simple as well and allows your teenagers to compete against each other in a race. All they do is get strapped into bungee vests, grab a Velcro marker, and run toward a goal at the end of the bungee run in order to get further than their opponent. This is a great inflatable game for kids of all ages.