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Scrabble is a game as addictive as they come. Scrabble is a very popular word game that was invented A during 1940-50. The game can be played by two to four people on a square board with 15-by-15 cells. One of the major advantages of playing Scrabble apart from being an enjoyable hobby is that it can help increase one’s vocabulary massively. There are tournaments that offer players handsome rewards for winning. In case one wants to play Scrabble and is looking for partners, all he needs to do is go online, register at a website offering free Scrabble games and voila! You don’t have to arrange a Scrabble board, look for tiles and arrange words physically to play Scrabble online! top article.

A lot of websites are present that offer free online Scrabble game that can be enjoyed with others who may be strangers and friends. The Internet Scrabble Club is frequented by thousands of players of varying expertise. It is completely free of charge and offers the chances to play with some of the world’s best Scrabble players. The ever-popular social networking website Facebook also has an application named Lexulous which enables users to play free online Scrabble game. Playing an online Scrabble game has its advantages. One does not have to look for players to be present physically to play. A few clicks of mouse and you are away playing an intense and interesting game of Scrabble with your friends or strangers. Some websites offer you the chance to play Scrabble online for real money. Such tournaments are growing in popularity nowadays. This is a way to earn some money just by being online!

You can check your knowledge by playing against higher ranked players online. Winning games increase your rankings and your growing fame can be shared by you with your friends online. Picture this. You are at your office, taking a break. All you need is a game of Scrabble that will free your mind of the workload. Open a browser, type the name of your favourite Scrabble website, log in and immediately you are away clicking with your mouse, thinking furiously about your strategy to win the ongoing match! Although veterans state that playing online does not have the same feeling, people do not always have the luxury to arrange for a board to play physically. So, playing Scrabble online is the way of the future for the thousands of enthusiasts of this wonderful game.