Understanding Dog Grooming Tips

A dog’s hair and coat is first and foremost its main attraction. What most dog lovers and owners know is that dogs, like humans, need regular grooming to keep them healthy-looking. Man’s best friend’s grooming actually requires an owner’s long-term commitment. You will find some helpful dog grooming tips in this article to get you started.

1. Clipping dog’s nails
One of the most important parts of grooming your dog is clipping its nails. It should be done at two-week intervals. It is advisable to get started while the dog is still puppy so that it gets used to the routine. This way, your dog will get the hang of it. It is also important to note that there is a discoloration called the quick. It is more visible among dogs that have nails that are light-colored. If you accidentally cut into the quick, it will be painful to your dog and will cause bleeding.

2. Clean your dog’s ears
Another important aspect of dog grooming tips is making it a habit to check your dog’s ears. If you have a dog that has droopy ears, you should be aware that they can be very susceptible to fungus, waxy ears, as well ear mites. You need to check your dog’s ears at least every week. An infection in your dog’s ears could lead to a more serious complication. Your dog could develop ear hematoma if a blood vessel is ruptured while it is shaking its head because of the discomfort it is feeling.

3. Proper bathing
It is best to bathe your pet outside in warm weather. You will need a mild shampoo for dog use. When you are bathing your dog, you should start with its body, then go to the legs, and end with the head. While you are shampooing the dog’s head, you need to be extra careful in order to prevent shampoo from getting into the dog’s ears, eyes, and nose. If it is time to water down, cover your dog’s eyes with the use of your hand, and keep the head down. Remember to leave the shampoo on your dog for about three to four minutes before rinsing thoroughly. After rinsing, dry the dog by gently pressing the towel against its coat.
Note: Comb the coat before drying to prevent tangles. Kindly visit dog grooming supplies.

4. Combing or hair brushing
Brushing is considered the most delicate and intensive part of grooming your dog. Remember not brush too hard so as to avoid scraping your pal’s skin. If you notice a mat, try to loosen it by holding the mat closer to the skin while inserting the end of the tooth of a comb. If you find it difficult to loosen the mat, you could try cutting out the mat. Once the mat is removed, you can start combing down to the skin. Note, Comb your dog against the lay of the coat. This will give your pet a fluffy coat.

5. Blow-drying
It is best to dry an area at a time and make sure that their coat is completely dry. Do not direct airflow into the dog’s ears or eyes. There you have it, five dog grooming tips to help you keep your pet dog happy and healthy.